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    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting was awarded 3A reputation enterprises

    Date:2017/8/28 source:Sicheng Stagelight
    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting was awarded 3A reputation enterprises, made the honor of the title! Thinking success in the future, every great entrepreneur is from the beginning of thinking, with the ideal step by step down, and then the future development of 10 years, the success of thinking attributed to each ordinary people, because everyone To pay only todays beautiful thinking into the hope that in the future we have a mutually beneficial and common development, let us become stronger and bigger!
    Think of today, carrying a decade of hard work of the storm, carrying more than 200 employees entrepreneurial passion, carrying the companys many expert consultants as the representative of the communitys concern and love.

    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting was awarded 3A reputation enterprises

    Yesterdays success has been "never look back to enjoy their footprints" coverage, "change in the win" is thinking of the eternal theme, the new journey thinking into the "sun every day is the new" realm. We will use the advanced concept, perfect system, fine management to promote sustainable development of enterprises, the formation of an independent operation of the new system, deep plowing Si group four industrial sectors, "a famous brand to build a century enterprise" as a vision, to create Has a world-class advanced management level of Chinese enterprises.
    We also sincerely invite more with strong strength, with high-quality resources at home and abroad colleagues to become partners, is committed to long-term stable development of enterprises, creating a win-win situation of the new situation.
    We are willing to use all the mind and strength to provide customers with a higher quality of integrated services for our partners to create a good return on investment for each adult to build their own ideals to achieve the ideal platform for the realization of the Chinese dream of continuous contribution Our strength.











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