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    What is the good fog screen and fog screen used there?

    2017/9/9 Fog Machine

    Stage lighting more high-level development, has been to the 3D holographic conversion, and now also out of a super hot stage lighting products fog screen, fog screen to become the peoples life to purs...

    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting was awarded 3A reputation enterprises

    2017/8/28 sagelight

    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting was awarded 3A reputation enterprises, made the honor of the title! Thinking success in the future, every great entrepreneur is from the beginning of thinking, with the ide...

    Think of the light focus on the bar slow shake it entertainment stage lighting project

    2017/8/29 stagelight event entertainment

    Warmly congratulate Guangxi Liuzhou Baise Bar City grand opening, the project lighting from design to installation, commissioning all completed by the Guangzhou Sicheng stage lighting. This project st...

    Sicheng stage lighting choreography effect of the production and form

    2017/8/29 stagelight

    Guangzhou Sicheng stage lighting professional production stage lighting, built on the stage lighting, lighting sound as one of the structures and commissioning, the achievements of a new generation of...

    Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting product quality certification

    2017/8/28 Certification

    June 8, 2010 Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting product quality certification, further proof of our product for a higher level of product quality concerns, the development of enterprises can not be separated...

    Si Cheng Lighting granted to China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association

    2017/8/28 stagelight

    Guangzhou Si-cheng lighting audio Technology Co., Ltd. in March 9, 2017 was awarded the Chinese performing arts technology association members, the honor of the continuous improvement of my companys c...

    How to solve the problem of sound reinforcement

    2016/6/27 staglight

    The question of feedback is the problem that the live sound reinforcement workers have to face, especially the return of the speaker system, plays a vital role in the success of the performance. The f...

    The main effect of digital video system on choreography

    2015/10/8 digital light box

    Stage lighting design is an important part of the stage performance art. In recent years, with the development of digital projection technology and the expansion of its field of art, stage lighting de...

    Stage lighting outdoor lighting design elements

    2015/9/29 stagelight design

    The rapid development of hi-tech, a strong impetus to the entertainment lighting equipment replacement. A new generation of professional lighting performance, quality, intelligence level compared with...

    Analysis of the stage lighting quality optimization product differences

    2017/8/25 stagelight

    Do you know how many steps and steps a stage lamp can go from the factory to the stage? You can know a stage lamp behind the number of technical support, in order to create the stage of the ever-chang...











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