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    What is the good fog screen and fog screen used there?

    Date:2017/9/9 source:Sicheng Stagelight

    Stage lighting more high-level development, has been to the 3D holographic conversion, and now also out of a super hot stage lighting products fog screen,

     fog screen to become the peoples life to pursue a further step to enhance, then what is the use of fog screen Place is appropriate,
    What is the use, play what kind of role, but to the people to bring the senses to enjoy, or let the people really reflect the development of high-tech, 

    is what principle is converted from, and do fog screen manufacturers are more endless , Do not know what is high quality,
    Which is not ideal, then I tell you about the fog screen basic to have these features, the first watertight, to leak, to be a good fog screen,

     if the drip is serious, it will affect the customers consumer psychology and Feel,
    Because the general fog screen are placed in shopping malls, supermarkets, Internet cafes, science and technology park, childrens playground more people to the place,

     if the regular dripping customers will be stumbled because of the ground and wet, enough to make customers subject to physical and mental hurt,
    So the fog screen production must be able to leak, so that is a good quality fog screen, followed by fog screen fog must be uniform fog, 

    so that the customer experience will feel the perfect psychological experience,
    If a fog is missing or the fog is the length of the width is not the same as the composition of the screen has become incomplete, and the whole picture will not show is smart products,
    So that the integrity of the fog screen for the entire fog screen is also a very important part, and then fog screen is not to say that there is no water mist can even fog,

     but also consider his fog direction and product access to water is not convenient ,
    Is built-in electric box or external electrical box, so that a measure of a fog screen will be more or more cost-effective performance, can not rely on a single view of the concept as a reference!
    Then let us look at the details of the fog screen to use where is the best! See icon showing:

    What is the good fog screen and fog screen used there?


    What is the good fog screen and fog screen used there?











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