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    Think of the light focus on the bar slow shake it entertainment stage lighting project

    Date:2017/8/29 source:Sicheng Stagelight

    Warmly congratulate Guangxi Liuzhou Baise Bar City grand opening, the project lighting from design to installation, commissioning all completed by the Guangzhou Sicheng stage lighting. This project style for the performing arts style, and with the backcourt slowly shake the atmosphere, the company sent more than technical engineering project personnel, after on-site investigation, subdivision stage lighting parts need to arrange what kind of products, and with the party in-depth understanding Communication, to understand the status of the local entertainment industry and the level of development, to make the initial stage lighting design, and then to the back of the design of lighting drawings, the final plan. Installation stage, the light hanging position basically in accordance with the original design program to ensure that the stage lighting lighting effect to achieve the best state, to achieve a stage lighting on his most needed location. Showing the best results, at the same time, reflecting the different extraordinary effects, the first day of the bar business is already bursting!

    Think of the light focus on the bar slow shake it entertainment stage lighting project

    The project is equipped with 24 shaking head beam lights, 24 LED small King Kong, 44 LED par lamps, and high-power laser lights, strobe lights, spider lights, butterfly lights, the audience lights, special effects equipment, etc., after debugging After the trial business, the venue lighting equipment to achieve the desired results. The following pictures for the bar lights the latest wave of choice reference

    Think of the light focus on the bar slow shake it entertainment stage lighting projectIntegrity management, focus on pragmatic, so that light for you to create value. Look forward to working with you, we can provide customers with the following free services:
    1, free lighting project design, a flat or three-dimensional CAD light bitmap, as well as the overall budget program.
    2, free of charge to provide stage lighting technical advice.
    3, free of charge to the customer to provide lighting console tutorial, as long as the purchase of our equipment, such as the need to assist, including the church use.
    4, the project can provide free debugging services, do not charge labor costs (travel costs provided by the Party).











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