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    Stage light LED how to identify the authenticity

    Date:2015/6/25 source:Sicheng Stagelight

    The stage activities must take into account the purchase of lighting equipment or leasing,

     which in many types of lighting equipment, LED par light is a commonly used one. However, 

    it is because of its large market demand,
    So the competition has gradually increased, so there will always be some vicious competition, 

    such as the situation of fraud. And in order to avoid the LED par light out of the cat, the user should be careful when buying.
    In general, LED Pa light fake mainly in the lamp beads on the effort, the quality of the lamp beads level,

     directly led to the uneven price of lamps and lanterns. In fact
    , If the same lamp of its lamp beads price difference several times or even several times, 

    then there must be tricky inside Such as workmanship,
    The use of materials shoddy, stent or scrap used waste recycling materials, these naked eye users are more difficult to see out.
    In order to buy the right and formal products, the first choice of regular qualified business, 

    followed by attention to some security signs, the last is the reference price and test
    , So as to be able to avoid the purchase of a tricky lamps. In the choice of time is not anti-see is constant or constant pressure, 

    is a big fan or a small fan, followed by the stage lighting power is not enough power!

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